Living life out of a suitcase, thanks for the upgrade!

I’m spending my life out of a suitcase these days. My last one broke and took an upgrade, more space and easier to move. I live life moving, always moving is my motto. This month I’ve been all over Denmark playing nearly a fortnight of gigs and had a 2-day stop over with my wife and kid to yet again catch another plane. I’m happy to say this time I went to Ireland to see my family there and had a short holiday while also celebrating my fathers 80th birthday.

I’ve learnt from all this moving, you gotta find your anchor, find something to pin you to the ground either emotionally or sometimes even physically haha if only just to remind you of real life. Travelling is a stress of its own and we all know that aint good for the body.
Speaking of stress and what it does to the body, I’m very sensitive to noise. All that travel on trains and airports can make you exhausted when you get to your destination. I decided to treat myself at Amsterdam Schiphol airport to a pair of really expensive noise cancelling earphones made by Bose. So far I’m very happy with them as they cancel out the low frequency rumble of the airplane engines, and you can hear your music easily. Of course it’s still possible to hear voices around but a bit softer and I find this a plus.
Needless to say, my journeys across the danish railway were somewhat more comfortable with my new Bose Companion.

The reading list feature in Safari on my iPhone is a fantastic feature for the travelling knowledge-curious gypsy like myself. I’m always finding interesting articles online that say hey i must read this, and I simply save to my reading list tab, and then i can also read it offline on my iPhone on the plane. It’s fantastic and has saved me a lot of time by catching up with my reading on the go. Or course being a father of a 20 month old means sleep sometimes take priority… but i’m gonna keep optimistic about this handy feature.

Back to my suitcase, i need to unpack since Ireland, and then pack again for yet another danish tour, this time it’s for St Patricks weekend in The Old Irish Pub in Esbjerg in Denmark. It will be 3 nights of madness and I’m counting on a good time, i’ve never played Denmark on March 17th so I’m curious how it turns out.