I want to buy a new guitar

For many years now I’ve had my trust worthy Taylor 310 accompany  me across countries by plane and train and car to play on all kinds of gigs. My axe has had a few services, kind of like the ones you do on your car; brought on by humidity changes etc. But it still sounds […]

A hot night singing in Brussels

A hot night at Celtica in Brussels, I’m thankful for the airco!   Just another Saturday evening for this busy solo singer/guitarist. My working day commenced at 7pm and had to load the car with my guitar, my backpack of cables, my portable mixing desk, and a little monitor. The tom tom on my iPhone […]

5 of the best Irish pubs in the Netherlands

Being an Irishman, living on the continent and travelling around with my acoustic guitar in hand and singing songs, one cannot avoid what is known as “the Irish Pub circuit”. One cannot escape it, by means of hatred or of love or from simply missing home or for getting work, I’ve seen quite a few. This […]