5 of the best Irish pubs in the Netherlands

Being an Irishman, living on the continent and travelling around with my acoustic guitar in hand and singing songs, one cannot avoid what is known as “the Irish Pub circuit”. One cannot escape it, by means of hatred or of love or from simply missing home or for getting work, I’ve seen quite a few. This is my little review of my favourite Irish Pubs in The Netherlands for anyone paying this little country a visit!


5: O’Shea’s Irish Pub, Eindhoven

In the large student city of Eindhoven is a popular night spot on the weekend.  Having played there with a cover band on many an occasion I recall it having a lively atmosphere, good craic on the weekend when they have LIVE Rock cover bands, a packed bar and lots of singing and dancing. The bar staff are quite young and not the friendliest i’ve met in my travels, but I guess most are students and don’t really care about hospitality. Worth a visit when in Eindhoven on the weekend!
Check out the facebook page for O’Sheas Eindhoven.

4: O’Ceallaigh Irish Pub, Groningen

A little irish pub made famous by it’s tiny living room quality and vibe. The owners husband and wife have been running the place for years and have developed a friendly family run business. They have regular live music, of all sorts from cover bands to sing-songwriters to trad irish music, but always on a weekend and mainly one night a week. I played and stayed over a few times and Groningen is buzzing city, the crowd can be mixed in the pub, but the craic is great!
Check out the website for O’Ceallaigh Irish Pub, Groningen.

3: The Wolfhound Irish Pub and Kitchen, Haarlem

The newest pub to the circuit in Holland, but by no means the least in any way. Another family-vibe run pub, that has a big keen interest in live authentic music and a kitchen serving the best and tastiest pub grub you’ll find around. The pub itself is quite unique in it’s own as they have a basement cellar which is where they hold the live music every weekend. I absolutely loved it when i was there, and if you sing and play the guitar and want a gig, the live scene is fantastic in Haarlem. Definitely worth a visit, if for the food alone! Check it out! www.thewolfhound.nl

2: Mulligans Irish Pub, Amsterdam

Mulligans is like a little piece of Ireland right smack in the middle of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities – Amsterdam! Everything is authentic there, from the few locals, the irish that come visit, the musicians that pass through on weekend tours, almost everything. They all in total make up an atmosphere that if all else just comes close to being in Ireland. I love getting asked to play in Mulligans, it’s always good fun and you never know what kind of a crowd is gonna walk in that door, that keeps it exciting.
Check them out http://mulligans.nl

1: Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub, Rotterdam

And taking the number 1 spot in my list of favourite Irish Pubs in The Netherlands is Paddy Murphy’s in Rotterdam. Proprietor Dan O’Donovan had his head screwed on when he opened this place up. Rotterdam is a working and tough city, and it’s hard to make things work, but he made a piece of Ireland in there with Cork charm surrounding the place and creating something appealing to all walks of life in Rotterdam, to a 50 year old fishing fan who visits west cork once a year, and to a young bouncy party mad student staying in Rotterdam for the city: they all seem to love the place! For me it’s like a second home, I perform mostly on the famous Bingo Monday parties, where all the students come, get drunk and party like its the end of the world! Paddy Murphy’s proudly boasts live music 7 nights a week and he has been continuing this for over 15 years in total! all i can say is wow!

I hope you enjoyed my little review of these great Irish Pubs. Do remember that every establishment is also just 4 walls, and the people in it are what make the atmosphere, so be nice! And see you on the road somewhere or sitting at the bar having a pint!


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