Irish singer Brian Clifford is back in Amsterdam!


The Dutch summer has returned again, a mixture of thunder storms, cloudy spells and whopping heat spells of 20-28 degrees. On thursday night June 23rd it will be a test to see if any tourists are on the streets of Amsterdam and longing for some Irishness.
I play quite a lot in Rotterdam, the industrial heart of the Netherlands, heck I even used to live there. But with joy I always love to return to the real heart, and capital of the country – AMSTERDAM!
One of my favourite bars there is a little Irish Pub situated just off the river Amstel and within walking distance to some of the hot spots in the area and the buzzing cafe scene. Mulligans is the name of the pub, and it boasts live music at least 4 times a week! which is amazing as the pub is long and narrow, you can’t really fit that many people in there, but it’s incredibly cozy and just like a real pub in Ireland, the stout is great, the music is great, and they play great traditional irish music on the computer system when the live artist is not playing! what more do you want?

I’ve performed in Mulligans about 5 times since living in Holland I think, and I love it. The longstanding bartender Barry, a trained and highly experience sound engineer always ensures the artist doesn’t have to think about sound and just play and have fun. This is a real treat for someone like me that does their own sound for over 150 gigs a year! to get someone else doing that kind of makes you feel important chuckle chuckle.. 🙂
But other than that fact Barry and the staff are great craic, they appreciate the show you put on and the artistry and you get paid! Plus there is a buzz in this city that grows one, it’s infectious and stimulating, though I could never see myself living in such an environment, I long for the quietness and chilling out on my time off.

Kickoff at Mulligans is about 21:00, I’ll be there with my tunes ready to warm your soul.