A hot night singing in Brussels

A hot night at Celtica in Brussels, I’m thankful for the airco!


Just another Saturday evening for this busy solo singer/guitarist. My working day commenced at 7pm and had to load the car with my guitar, my backpack of cables, my portable mixing desk, and a little monitor. The tom tom on my iPhone was set to arrive at Celtica in Brussels, right bang in the centre of the party district downtown! We are right in the middle of the summer at the moment and an average daily temperate in the mid-20’s is pretty hot. Night time gigs can be quite relaxed with people wearing shorts and light clothing and generally being more chilled out about things.

I begun my night to a moderate audience, not so busy, but the connection was immediate. With an opening set of a few irish songs, I got the audience hooked. Granted part of my gig was quiet to start, I enjoyed it immensely. The people were enthusiastic and friendly, and not a single rude person was in the building. Sometimes when i play Celtica in Brussels, I tend to have sound troubles, feedback/buzzes that sort of thing. I took the liberty of bringing my own Allen and Heath Zed fx 10 with me to the gig and my FBT jolly monitor and had a beautiful sound. To be able to hear oneself so clearly makes it a pleasure to perform, and carry all this gear two hours in the car from Delft and lugging it with a trolley from the carpark is so worth it, in my humble opinion. If something tends to make me feel that little bit better, I tend to do it, as really its all in the best interest of the performance and the gig result.

The gig in Brussels was a success my the measure of the audience and my own self worth. It went well, and I’ve been practising some performance techniques that I’ve been working on recently: keeping in the zone and practising the art of giving instead of making a performance all about the artist, yeah most of the time you’re entertaining the people, and that’s what a performer must remember every single night and practise is like a meditation. The audience were a slight mix of young 20 somethings and a little older drinkers (expats) sitting at the bar, these guys really enjoyed the irish tunes.

Back in Brussels next month, see you then guys!