You are currently viewing “Broken” – the 2nd release by Brian Clifford

“Broken” – the 2nd release by Brian Clifford

Brian Clifford followed up on his successful debut release “Ride the Rainbow”, with yet another taste of what makes this Artist worth a listen.

Broken” is his 2nd release. With such stunning “eye” catching visuals I felt implied to give the song a spin, I was intrigued.

The track opens with a swooping melodic guitar hook-line that sets up the first verse, that’s where the story begins. From the song title alone, and Brians voice here, we can tell it’s more of a tender story and one that needs to be told. Brian simply sings from the heart talking about lost love, but without letting the listener tire of sadness, he brings in a surprise chorus that lifts the mood after verse 2 . You get a vibe here of something similar to “Mundy” or “Ben Howard”.

As the song comes to a close, the chorus repeats, while seeming like a Bridge in structure, it doubles as a chorus to tell a different story; The clever production helps us feel things can get better, life moves on.

Those angelic-like harmonies in the final chorus were the icing on the cake for me. A layer of beautiful pieces of melody that gel together demonstrating that Brians voice is not Broken but perfectly whole. Music to my ears!

Good job Brian.

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